Bay Area Artist Spotlight: “Agerman”

The grace of God has truly sustained ‘Bay Area’ Gospel rapper ‘ Agerman’ who is also a pastor of Chosen Generation Church. Agerman also known as Ramone Curtis grew up in Oakland Ca. He formed the secular group 3X Crazy now he says ” I’m going ‘Crazy’s for Christ”. Agerman says that he almost lost his natural and spiritual life to the streets with drug and worldly living. Now that he has abandoned his old way of living he has come to understand the purpose for his life. Serving as a mentor and pastor has been a blessing for many youth. Agerman believes that what the youth listen to have had a major impact on their actions, he says his mission is to offer good positive music.
If you’ve ever experienced the voice instrument of Agerman in a live setting, you would see the power of God ignite the audience with hand clapping, dancing and song participation. Since 1998 he has released 5 gospel cd’s including Crazy for Christ, Kingdom Business, The Truth, Tried by the Fire, Crazy for Christ, Remember Me and New day.
Agerman preached his first message and now more than ever he is definitely on a quest to minister and spread the word of God. He treasures his life experiences, though many were unpleasant and some life threatening he believes it was to prepare him for where God has him today. When I asked Agerman about what he thought a solution would be for the senseless killings in Oakland and the surrounding areas he said he said adamantly “better music” He believes that music is powerful, and negative lyrical content in songs have had an effect on the listeners especially those who are young aSnd impressionable. I also asked him what words of encouragement he has for the Youth today. He said ” trust in God you can’t go wrongs”.