Leaders Ask Dean to Lead

Several Bay Area political and religious leaders have called on Democratic National Chairperson, Howard Dean, to use his authority to get, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to “focus on issues rather than personalities”. The letter referred to the recent flap over remarks considered to be racially insensitive. Dean was also warned that “the stakes are far too high to tolerate ‘politics as usual’; this is about more than just winning an election.”

The letter was signed by,
Desley Brooks, Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry, Bishop Keith Clark, Hon. Larry Reid, Hon. Kathy Neal, Darleen Brooks, Clinton Killian, Esq., Toni Cook, Dr. Charley Hames, Rev. Francine A. Brookins, Rev. Donnell O. Miles, Pastor, Hon. Surlene Grant. Dr.Frank Pinkard, Rev. Patricia L. Colvin, Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Wandra Boyd, Aileen Moffitt, Pastor Raymond E. Lankford, Pastor Randy McRae, Pastor Eric Mills, Pastor Robert Daniels, Pastor Larry Brice, Pastor Dwayne Wilson, Pastor Johnnie Clark Jr.