1,000 Guns Turned Over to Churches


David-Scott.gifBy David Scott

More than a thousand guns were turned in at 3 churches last Saturday when the City of Oakland and Senator Don Perata sponsored the “One Less Gun Program”.
Some gun owners waited for hours, in long lines, to turn in their unloaded firearms for $250 without being required to answer any questions.
Never have so many weapons been seen at houses of worship in the city’s history. Allen Temple Baptist Church, Christian Cathedral Church, and True Vine Ministries were the sites designated by Senator Perata.
‘’This was a tremendous success’’, said David W. Manson, Jr. Deputy District Director, as he helped close up at 896 Isabella the Home of TrueVine Ministries. Manson said that due to the guns in his community over the past 23 years while he was coaching basketball for youth, he lost 7 young men as victims of gunshots. “I was moved emotionally and it brought me to tears. The event was such a success that event organizers had to issue I.O.U’s due to the fact that the churches ran out of money, and The Oakland Police Department gave I.O.U vouchers to people to cash in later,: said Manson.
Allen Temple received such an overwhelming response from the gun owners that traffic was delayed for more than an hour. Pastor Zachary Carey of TrueVine Ministries said’’ If one gun would save one life we saved 300 lives today. Black people have to be more of a voice, we need to save ourselves, be more involved, Don Peralta is leaving office soon so we need to do this more often.”
True Vine’s 800 member congregation meets at the Grand Lake Theater for worship service 9; 00- 10:00a.m.
True Vine’s First Lady, Donna Carey, a Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital, said she was involved with a youth esteem organization named STRIVE, (Sent To Restore Integrity Vision and Excellence), an active ministry that teaches youth to be positive role models for their families.