50 Years of Proud Black History

50years.jpgThe Williams renewed their wedding vows and walked down the aisle, for the first time, at Humanity Baptist Church, last week, as they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Pastor George L. Anderson presided over the ceremony which was followed by a reception. The Williams were first married at City Hall in a Civil Ceremony in San Francisco in 1958. The Williams have seven children, 16 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren.
Rev. Williams tells his story, “I was born in Alabama. Our marriage has been a blessing for us. I joined the Teamsters and made a good living for someone without a high school diploma. I was with them for 36 years. We have a beautiful family and the marriage worked because we loved and trusted one another and worked hard. We stayed close to our children, attended school events, and they are all living and doing well……no one is in jail. We raised them, with the spirit of God in our hearts.”