Dellums’ Economic Outlook Plan Calls For 803 Police by End of ‘08

Dellumsoutlookmug.jpgOn Tuesday morning, Mayor Dellums delivered his economic outlook address to members of the city-wide Chambers of Commerce at the Oakland Marriott City Center. The remarks served as an opportunity to reaffirm the mayor’s commitment to working in collaboration to see Oakland prosper and to encourage business leaders to assume greater leadership roles promoting education, workforce development, and green business and technology in Oakland. Among the key areas covered during the speech were: public safety; his recently submitted affordable housing plan; the importance of city-wide zoning and smart development; and his comprehensive police recruitment proposal that will go before the City Council Tuesday evening.
“If the City Council passes my recruitment, retention, and training plan, it would be a significant step forward in reaching our goal of obtaining 803 officers by the end of this year. Once we get our hands around our police staffing issue, we will be able to fully focus on the root causes of crime and violence, such as poverty, disease, inadequate education and all other crippling issues that bring crime and violence forward.”
Coming on the heels of last month’s State of the City address where the mayor called for reaching the City’s authorized police force strength of 803 officers “this year — no matter what,” the plan before Council authorizes the use of up to $7.7 million from the existing Measure Y funds while projecting the city will reach its officer goal by this December.