Faces Around the Bay: Ken Demetrius Jones

KenJones.gifPhoto and text by Barbara Fluhrer.

KEN DEMETRIUS JONES resides in Berkeley and works for Chevron as a mechanic. Born and raised in Richmond, he attended Richmond schools through J.F.Kennedy High School, then attended Contra Costa College and Chabot J.C.. He plays football and did one year of track and field at Contra Costa College. Jones has two brothers and three sisters.
He has worked “more jobs than you have room for”, he says, including work as a body guard for the vice president of Flip Records (Jonathan Julian) for two years. “I’m interested in Real Estate. I will probably enjoy other jobs; I believe you never stop learning in this life and I don’t know what I may do, ultimately.”
“I believe anyone who achieves goals in life must have a deep rooted spiritual background. One’s family may be the introduction so spirituality, but being spiritual is about a willingness to help others and the realization that there is a higher power.”