Reporters Without Borders

cobbatpodium.jpgPost publisher Paul Cobb addresses international media assembled by Reporters Without Borders as part of a global call of awareness and tribute to 87 journalists killed in the line duty during 2007. Post Editor Chauncey Bailey was gunned down in downtown Oakland, August 2, 2007. Below: left to right, He Qinglian (China)and Interpreter, Milkias Mihreteab (Eritrea), Ayub Nuri (Iraq) and Khalid Hasan (Pakistan). Photos courtesy of Lucie Morillon. (

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) launched its annual report at a press conference in Washington, D.C. The conference highlighted the situation of press freedom in China, Pakistan, Eritrea, Iraq, and the U.S.
RWB’s annual report on press freedom highlighted that 87 journalists were killed in 2007, the highest number since 1994.
Paul Cobb, the publisher of the Oakland Post, spoke at the conference about the danger he continues to face, explaining, “We have heard stories of oppressive regimes around the world, but those of us who dare to write about allegations of police corruption and black-on-black crime run the same risk here in the United States.”
Cobb underscored the legacy of Chauncey Bailey as a man who truly loved journalism. He urged journalists to continue to push the story of Chauncey Bailey’s murder by putting the spotlight on how the local police are completing the investigation of the assissination.
Cobb thanked the Police for their support during the recent threats and told the international press that democracy allows one to question police while simultaneously seeking their protection.
pressclubbottom.jpg Cobb thanked the international press for their coverage of and concern for Bailey and told them that the Post Freedom of the Press Foundation was planning to build a memorial to Bailey and other slain journalists on the site of his assassination. He said 60 Minutes, CNN and CBS radio would be presenting stories on Bailey during Black History Month, along with exhaustive coverage by the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle.
The Freedom Forum has invited the Post and the family of the late Chauncey Bailey to attend the dedication of the Journalist Memorial at the Newseum, their new facility on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, DC. The tribute to Chauncey is scheduled for April 2008.