Reverend Herbert Guice, 94, Gets his Heavenly Crown

Guisemug.jpgReverend Herbert Guice D.D., pastor of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, departed this life, February 13, at the age of 94.
Herbert Guice was born on August 7, 1913, in Rentisville, Oklahoma, the elder son of Eulee Guice. Herbert Guice was the grandson of a shaver cropper. In 1942, Herbert Guice came to Oakland. He lived on Union Street in West Oakland until his death.
In 1957 he established the home for Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 6901 Rudsdale Street. In 1961, he established a scholarship fund for the youth of Bethel. More than $2 million has been given to over 2500 students.
His commitment to education will be continued through the Herbert Guice Christian Academy which is located in front of the church on the property of a former supermarket owned by the Bethel.
Considered a pioneer and a “preacher’s preacher” by his peers, Guice purchased a large plot of land for gravesites for his members to assist with burial costs.
He was an active civic participant with the NAACP and many educational and job development groups. Under his leadership Bethel’s job development prowess created thousands of jobs for his members and neighbors.
Pastor Guice lived by the spiritual philosophy, “Where God Guides God Provides”.