Stop Lennar Action Movement Turns in 11,800 Signatures

Christopher-Muhammad,.jpgMinister Christopher Muhammad, spokesman for SLAM talks to the press on the steps of city hall as SLAM volunteers turn in over 11,000 signatures to place measure on ballot.

By Wade Woods

Last Monday the Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) turned in over 11,000 signatures to the department of elections to place an initiative on the June Ballot that would require that 50% of all new housing units slated to be built at Candlestick Point be affordable to San Francisco residents at 30% , 60% and 80% of Average Median Income and would require that Alice Griffith Public Housing development be rebuilt with no displacement of current residents.
This initiative is counter to an initiative sponsored by the Lennar Development Corporation which turned in 18,000 signatures on February 1st to place a measure on the same June ballot that would allow it to build up to 10,000 new homes and a site for a new 49er stadium with 25% of the homes selling at below market rate.
SLAM is a coalition that includes the Nation of Islam, Chinese Progressive Association, Veterans for Peace, Grey Panthers, the Bayview Newspaper, Bishop Jackson & Grace Tabernacle Community Church, Green Action, South of Market Community Action Network, Espanola Jackson, Archbishop Franzo King and other community organizations. The SLAM volunteers braved some of the worst weather in recent memory to gather the signatures in a record 11 days. Most political experts didn’t believe it could be done and wrote off the effort. The SLAM organizers and volunteers proved the experts wrong when they showed up at the steps of City Hall last Monday with the signatures in hand.
Spokespersons for Lennar say that the SLAM proposal would make the Lennar Project unfeasible and be a deal killer thus destroying a chance to improve the lives of Hunters Point residents and drive the 49eres out of the city.