Faces Around the Bay: Liza Gesuden

LizaGesuden.jpg Liza Gesuden is shown here selecting books for her classes at Marcus Book Store. Students from around the East Bay, including Richmond, Berkeley, and South County are enrolled at Oakland School for the Arts, where she teaches English.
Gesuden says, “There are many excited students in our charter school because it is better, smaller, and students can specialize in training in the arts.  Our day is 8-4.”  She explains, “In a Public Charter, each school has a particular focus, ie. ours is Art.  Public means it is state funded and open to all and free.  Entrance in the high-school is based on an audition, which the faculty does.  Our school teaches dance, literary art, drama, visual arts, theater, vocal music, and instrumental.”
Gesuden previously taught at East Oakland Community High, studied in Southern California and received her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education at S.F. State. She came here because she senses much excitement in the arts. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking and riding her bike.

Photo and text by Barbara Fluhrer.