McClymonds’ best Are Also Champions At The College Level

Nhi-Troung.jpgWhen the McClymonds High School (MACK) boys’ basketball team recently won the title as the best team in California and was rated among the top 3 teams in the country, few noticed that MACK students also had the “keys” for scoring among the BEST in college academic achievements as well.
Known as the School of Champions, especially for its high achievements “above the rim”, MACK is also showing the world, with an assist from the Kiwanis Club of Oakland, that it can also “sport” scholastic high achievers at the university level.
The Kiwanis Club is a group of local men and women who believe in the motto ‘Serving the children of the World’ through their BEST (Business, Educational, Science and Technology) program.
The Kiwanis Club serves youth by sponsoring Key Clubs in three Oakland schools.  Key Clubs are designed to promote community service, leadership development and fellowship. 
GeorgeGonzalezmug.jpgIn 2005, a Key Club was formed at McClymonds BEST College Prep High School. Students Nhi Troung, Michael Bradley and George Gonzalez were instrumental in starting and building the club during their junior year.  They were successful at fulfilling all three areas; community service, leadership development and fellowship.
The first community service project called forth sixty-six high school students from many schools, located in the Albany to San Leandro District. The McClymonds BEST Key Club initiated a number of improvement projects including the renovation of the school’s library.
Michael, Nhi and George have successfully transitioned into college.  After Michael’s third attempt, he was accepted at UC Berkeley and now resides in a mini suite on campus. Although Michael is sometimes discouraged by the few numbers of blacks that attend UC Berkeley he also sees this as his motivation to set an example for other potential black students at Berkeley.  Michael has learned to manage his time effectively and is developing confidence as he becomes more vocal in classes that often number more than one hundred students.  Some of his professors know him by name as they greet him on campus.
Michael-Bradleymug.jpgNhi was President of Key Club at McClymonds BEST and coordinated several community service projects.  Nhi is expanding her capacity for community service (her passion) at UC Santa Cruz.  Currently, Nhi is involved with planning a Motivational Conference for Asian high school students from low-income families. She is looking forward to being hired as a Community Assistant.
George now attends CSU San Francisco after overcoming some peer pressure.  He is excited about getting to class on time and being empowered by his teachers.
Michael is pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering.  Nhi is pursuing two majors: sociology and education.  George is looking forward to a civil engineering degree.  Clearly, all three are on their way to success.