DeClancy’s: True Southern Cooking


By Stephen Fitch

DeClancy’s Welcome Table is aptly named because when one enter’s the restaurant it is lsimilar to walking into your mother’s dining room. My interviews with many of the patrons, who had  come from many cities around the bay,revealed that people have “discovered” genuine soul food. I watched how some began to order meals to be delivered to their offices in downtown Oakland.
Owners Tami Rabb and Jonathan McCardell  said their business began with catering and now they cater to Oakland from their business located at 2000 Park Blvd. near Lake Merritt in Oakland. They are open Tuesday thru Thursday from 12:00 to 9:00pm, Fri. & 10:00pm. and Sundays to 8:00pm.To order call 510-832-8705. For banquets call 510-306-7607.