Is Water the Next Oil?

water.jpgWater is an essential commodity for our growing nation and yet our leaders regrettably overlook its importance.
Budgets for infrastructure maintenance and improvements continue to be slashed at the Federal, State and municipal government levels.  It is another national problem waiting to happen, with the question being not “if?”,but “when?”
Water shortages are one of the most looming threats for our communities in the near future.  In some communities, the shortages may be severe or catastrophic.
A majority of the nations ground water is servicing the needs of a constantly growing domestic population.  The demand for water increases twice as fast as the population base.
Industrialization and agriculture techniques are harming the supply of clean water. High quality potable water is becoming a commodity.
Decisions about a community water plan are based on scant information as well as false assumptions.  Community leaders take the short view that there are no risks on the horizon and that their decisions may not affect them in their term of office it will become their successors problem(s).
Climate change will most likely exacerbate these shortages and they will become intense and longer droughts will be experienced. Water shortages may be associated with natural disasters, terrorist attacks, as well as pandemics.
Adequate concern for the infrastructure of water has been historically neglected. The cost of continued neglect is too great.  The consequences of ignoring basic needs have gone on for too long.
National Homeland Security will depend upon the economic stability of local communities to support disaster preparedness initiatives. Water reserves will be key resources in securing future economic prosperity.
Perhaps it is time for us to ensure access to the single most necessary commodity and create a National Strategic Water Reserve. This may be our imperative.
Article was first published in Oakland Post, Oakland California, October 10-17, 2007. Contact Conway Jones @ E-mail: