DeLauer’s Keeps Its 24/7 Hours


Landmark Newsstand Gets Reprieve

Thanks to an overwhelming outpouring of citizen concern, phone calls and last-minute purchases, Oakland is still the home to the only 24 hour newsstand, bookstore in the country.
Yes, you can say it isn’t so to the news that the DeLauer’s Newsstand doors would close Thursday morning.
David Glover, executive director for Oakland Citizens Committee on Urban Renewal, with the help of the Oakland Post, helped to organize some last-minute negotiations that resulted in a reprieve for the beleaguered 101 year-old landmark. He and Post publisher Paul Cobb made media appeals for assistance and “Glover reported “an overwhelming outpouring of customer support, curiosity and demand, has made it necessary to postpone indefinitely.
Glover said city officials and private individuals will meet Thursday to present a business plan outlining a business model that can be sustained by the Bay Area’s diverse population.
Glover asked to Post to prepare a special edition as a tribute to De Lauer’s.
“Saving De Lauer’s proves that Oakland loves to read”, said Glover.
Cobb, who has known owner Charles DeLauer for more than 50 years said”many people have attachments and stories to tell of the significance and importance of the store. Keeping DeLauer’s open and thriving could be a strong testimony to the Mayor’s Model City thrust.”
The Post interviewed 4 ex-offenders who told stories how they had bought books to learn how to pass tests for employment. They offered to volunteer as watchmen to make sure the store was not pilfered during the presumed last days of existence.