Edgerly Retires


Mayor Ron Dellums listens as City Administrator Deborah Edgerly re-announced her retirement effective July 31. Photo by Gene Hazzard

Jerry Brown Appointed Her in 2003

By Post Staff

Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, with Mayor Ron Dellums by her side announced that she had sent a letter to the Mayor on January 28 to inform him that she would retire July 31.
Edgerly, an appointee of former Mayor Jerry Brown said the announcement’s not a reaction to anything. This is progression from a decision that was made many months ago.”
She said she will be allowed to stay at her post until July 31, even as she faces increasing criticism for possibly interfering with a police investigation.
Dellums and Edgerly said that under a months-old agreement, Edgerly’s retirement has nothing to do with recent allegations that she intervened on behalf of a nephew, William Lovan, 27, in the police department’s ongoing investigation of the Acorn gang of West Oakland.
Edgerly said, “I just want to make it clear hat the understanding the mayor and I have, so that there’s no misconceptions, I am the city administrator with all the duties and responsibilities that come with being the city administrator.”
However, the police department will report directly to Dellums to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest as the allegations against Edgerly are investigated.
Dellums said a national search for her successor will be conducted by outside contractors. He said he wanted to have a seamless administrative connection with his office.
After the brief conference, Dellums and Edgerly left without fielding any questions from reporters. But David Chai, Dellums Chief of Staff, remained to talk with the press and answer questions until he was told to return to the office.
Councilmember Larry Reid said he had faith in Edgerly’s ability to continue to help manage the city in her remaining month. “I’ve had faith in her since Jerry Brown appointed her to that position,” he said.
Brown, former Oakland mayor, appointed Edgerly in 2003 as interim city manager and made the appointment permanent in January 2004. The city later switched to a city administrator form of government.
Brown was not available for comment