Faces Around The Bay: Agatha Sharpe

AgathaSharpe.jpgAgatha Sharpe left her home in Trinidad 34 years ago and moved to Concord. She had heard the reputation of Concord was good and the crime rate was low. She says, “People are so friendly; I go to the grocery store and the bank, and they call me by my name.” Sharpe has one daughter who lives in England. She worked for 10 years at Highland Hospital as an LVN. She quit because of health issues and later had two bouts with cancer. “By the time I had the second occurrence, I was much more positive. I prayed a lot and that really helped me.” She attended a class, Reach to Recovery. in Walnut Creek. “Many people helped me during my recovery.”
Sharpe is now a volunteer for the American Cancer Society in Pleasant Hill who does follow-up with cancer patients. She loves to cook and prepares and serves meals to the sick in her neighborhood and cooks for men training for the ministry at her church, The Community Bible Church in Vallejo.
Gospel music is her great source of pleasure.