Khiari Swift Accepted Into Sports Ambassadors Program

By Graig Brooks

KhiariSwiftmug.jpgWhile many young men dream of performing awesome dunks, like Kobe Bryant or flying down a basketball court like Lebron James, some actually reach that goal. Being able to razzle and dazzle a crowd can take them to stardom, high acclaim and around the world. Such is the case, for Khiari Swift.
Swift has been selected for the Alameda County area, People to People Sports Ambassadors Program Delegation. As a member of the delegation, he will travel to Holland, where he will participate as a member of a USA basketball team, composed of athletes from all over the world.
“I feel great about it,” said the 14-year-old Swift. “I get to travel, get exposure and experience life in different countries.”
He will also take part in a basketball skills training camp and work with other athletes to promote peace through understanding.
Swift was selected while playing in an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball tournament in Las Vegas in which his team placed first.
Standing at six foot two and 250 pounds, Swift plays the position of small and power forward. A freshman at Castro Valley High School, he has been playing since the age of three.
People to People was founded September 11, 1956, by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It serves the purpose of enhancing international understanding and friendship, through cultural and humanitarian activities, involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.
Swift’s father and mother are also excited about their son’s honor.
“I love it. It brings opportunity and exposure to him in a way he has not experienced yet. This is also a great opportunity for a young man in this day and time for his age,” said his Father, Kwanzaa.
In addition to basketball, Khiari, also enjoys making music and playing the drums.
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