Nanny’s Sober Living House Celebrates 1st Year

By Wade Woods

Sober-Living.jpgNanny’s Sober Living house started by Suritha Jackson in 2007 was designed as a sober living environment house designed to assist women in their re-entry stages of recovery. Jackson says “someone has said it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes that same village cooperating with one another in order to fix the broken hearts and shattered dreams of the men and women of that same community.”
Nanny’s Sober Living House is designed to assist women who are re-entering society form drug addiction or any other vice that derailed them from the mainstream of society. This program hopes to instill to all clients the courage to grow once again to maturity and productivity as they take advantage of job offers and other community based programs that are designed to prepare them for work, college, trade school and other things that will help them to be successful.
At this time Nanny’s Sober Living is in need of help and support in the donation of the certain items such as towels, comforters, sheets and pillow cases, dishes, furniture, computers and accessories.

If you can help call Nanny at (415) 240-7526.