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Faces Around the Bay: Brandy Jones

BrandyJones.jpgBrandy Jones (right) works in the Counseling Dept at S.F. City College; she has been a City & County Civil Service Worker for 11 years.
Jones just returned from her first Yachats Music Festival on the Oregon coast and says, “I thoroughly enjoyed it; I’m sorry I’ve missed the 27 previous ones.”
Jones is shown here waiting to get on the bus for Portland, where she will catch a plane to Oakland. She is joined by  Ronika Ibrahim, who was a part of the Festival staff, helping to change the sets on stage.  The Yachats Music Festival is sponsored by Four Seasons Concerts.
Ibrahim lives in Salt Lake City, was born in Sudan, and says, “I love The Yachats Music Festival.  This is my third year here, and I have a wonderful time. We get to know many famous artists and listen to their music .”

Photo and text by Barbara Fluhrer.

Bobb To Weave Fiscal Solution

Expert called upon to counteract questionable advice Mayor has gotten

By Post Staff

Robertbobbmug.jpgMayor Ron Dellums has announced a top to bottom review of the City’s organizational and management structure, hiring policies and financial status. A team led by former City Manager Robert Bobb has been hired to execute the review and report back within 90 days.
Citing inaccuracies in the fiscal information used in the City’s mid-cycle budget review, Dellums estimated the revenue shortfall to be “in the tens of millions of dollars.” He has implemented a selective hiring and travel freeze, and a review of credit card expenditures by City employees and officials. Hiring for public safety positions will not be impacted.
A national search is underway for a new city administrator who will represent “the brightest and the best person to achieve a seamless form of government,” Dellums stated. The current parallel structure suggesting two independent functions (Mayor and City Administrator) has been “wrong, inappropriate and ineffective,” and runs contrary to the “strong mayor” City Charter amendment adopted by the voters in 1998. Read more

March for Green Jobs, End Port Pollution

Greenjobs.jpgOakland Mayor Ron Dellums and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa led more than 2,000 marchers last Tuesday to demand green jobs and a cleaner Port. Truck drivers, environmentalists, public health advocates, labor leaders, union members, community residents, clergy and environmental justice activists pictured above were joined by(left to right) State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, State Assembly member Sandre Swanson, Executive Secretary, Alameda County Central Labor Council, Sharon Cornu, Teamster General President James P. Hoffa and Teamster Leader Chuck Mack.
Photos by Gene Hazzard, graphic design by Adam Turner.

Get Wise About Your Credit Matters

Svonne Underwood, The Credit Lady, has the answers to your questions

Dear Credit Lady:
I’ve read all of your articles and I’m trying to implement the Wise Tips from your articles.  I wonder how long it will take me to improve my credit score if my scores are low mostly because of maxed out credit cards.
Maxed out Jill

svonneunderwoodfile.jpgDear Jill,
If you have a $5,000 balance on a credit card and you make a payment of $3,000 your score should increase in 45 to 60 days. If you’re applying for a home loan your loan officer can do a rapid rescore and it could take less than 30 days. If you have late payments and collections your score will not increase as much or will increase only slightly. Read more

Bay Cities Baptist Ministers Union

Baycityminsters.jpgFront from left to right: Rev. Elijah Baker, Dr. Jessie Davis, Rev. J. L.  Jones, Rev. Joe Smith, Dr. Earl Ward, Rev. Clyde Harris, Bishop Q.C. Simmons, Dr. Elvin Baker and Dr. Robeth Lacy. Middle row: Dr. Flemon Henry, Rev. Rubin, Rev. Timothy Smith, Rev.Keith Martin, Rev. Albert Harris, Rev. Conner, Rev. Jeremiah Captain, Dr. Cedric Claiborne, Rev. Charles Hopkins, Rev. Harvey Smith and Rev. Andrew Lacy. Third row: Rev. Elmoore Maple, Rev. George Epps, Rev. David, Rev. Bullock, Rev. Walter Culp, Rev. K. Lawson, Rev. Tex Butler, Dr. N. McDonald. Back row: Rev. Roy Rogers, Rev.  Jones. Not pictured: Rev. Benjamin Sudderth, Rev. Al Covington, Rev. Kevin Young, Rev. James Carlisle and Rev. Sanford Smith. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

Obama Opposes California’s Marriage Protection Act

BarackObamamug.jpgPresumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has come out in opposition to the California ballot initiative that would amend the state?s Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
In a letter sent to the Alice B. Toklas L.G.B.T. Democratic Club, a San Francisco gay rights group, Obama declared: “I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states.”
The California Marriage Protection Act, which will appear on the state?s November ballot, asserts: ?Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.? Read more

Bailey Killed a Year Ago

Baileycollage.jpgBy Post Staff

Oakland  Post  Editor Chauncey W. Bailey was gunned down in downtown Oakland on the morning of August 2, 2007. Since then more than 150 have died of gunfire in this city.
Bailey, 57, was killed at the pinnacle of his long and distinguished journalistic career. He has received numerous posthumous recognitions for his courageous investigations into political and community issues.
The issues of transparency in government that he covered so thoroughly still remain.
Most of the Bay Area media joined forces, named the Chauncey Bailey Project, to complete his unfinished body of work.
On August 2 several individuals and organizations will visit the site where he was slain. Read more

AC Transit’s EasyPass For College Students

By Reginald James

actransit.jpgStudents of the Peralta Colleges were joined by Assembly Member Sandre Swanson (D-Oakland) as well as Peralta and AC Transit officials to celebrate the passage of AB 1980, the Peralta Transportation Accessibility Act July 24 at Laney College. The bill was signed into law by governor Schwarzenegger Friday.
AB 1980 will allow students in the Peralta Colleges to vote on a fee to discount bus passes, either for the entire student body or for students who take a specified number of units. Read more

Jennie Prentiss Raised and Financed Jack London


By ‘Jack London’ George Rowan, Jr.
Part 2 of 3

Virginia (Jennie) Prentiss, an African American Woman saved Jack London’s life by breast feeding him at birth. He lived with her family, off and on until  his teenage years. Jennie Prentiss guided him spiritually, and financed him in his hour of need.
Jack London, born in 1876, was the first American author to earn a million dollars at the turn of the century. He suffered racial taunts because he lived in an African-American household.
After graduation from Cole, the only job he could find was working at the canneries in East Oakland for ten cents an hour on ten hour shifts.
JenniePrentiss.jpgJack’s big dream was to become an oyster pirate around the San Francisco Bay.  A quote from his book “Barleycorn” describes how he sought Jennie Prentiss’ financial support his ventures. He writes,  “…So I interviewed with Mammy Jennie, my old nurse, at whose black breast I had suckled.  She was more prosperous than my folks.  She was nursing sick people for a good wage.  Would she lend her ‘white child’  the money?  Would she? She did!  Three hundred dollars was three years house rent!” Read more

Port Huron Project Comes to Oakland

Angeladavisart.jpgCreative Time (NY) and the Oakland Museum of California present Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project 5: The Liberation of Our People, a reenactment of a landmark 1969 speech by legendary activist Angela Davis, on Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 6 p.m. The restaging takes place at DeFremery Park in West Oakland, the original site. The event is free and open to all.
DeFremery Park (formerly Bobby Hutton Park, after the martyred Black Panther) is in West Oakland, at 1651 Adeline St., between 16th and 17th streets.
Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project is a series of reenactments of key New Left speeches from the 1960s and 70s, presented to examine American democracy by considering today’s political situation in context to that of the 1960s and 70s. Tribe’s intent is to examine and inspire civic dialogue about political and social concerns of our times as we approach the culmination of the presidential election cycle. Read more

Ukrainians Are Coming to Bay Area

Leaders to develop partnerships and exchange ideas on government transparency and the democratic process

A delegation of ten prominent government and NGO leaders from Ukraine will be in the Bay Area to develop partnerships and exchange ideas on government transparency and the democratic process from July 26th to August 3rd, 2008. The delegation is sponsored by the Open World Program of the U.S. Congress and coordinated by the Berkeley-based Center for Safe Energy, a project of the Earth Island Institute. Read more

Faces Around the Bay: Jeanne Stark-Iochmans

starcks.jpgJeanne Stark-Iochmans, pianist, returned home to Berkeley last week from Four Seasons Concert’s Yachats Music Festival in Oregon.
Stark traditionally opens the Festival (for 28 years).  This year, before opening, she invoked a prayer, “I pray that the spirit of Dr. Hazaiah Williams (founder of the Festival) will be hovering ever near”.  Stark performed several times at the four day event.  Each time her performance was followed by shouts of bravo, as artists and audience rose to their feet.
The ambience of the coastal region took on new significance in the glow of Stark’s musical offerings.  The Pacific Ocean, the extraordinary sunsets, the full moon reflecting on the ocean…all became more grand as Start revealed some of life’s mystery – exposing waves of beauty beyond description.

Photo and text by Barbara Fluhrer.

Faces Around the Bay: Sarah and Tim Hampton

SarahandTim.jpgSarah and Tim Hampton reside in Hercules.  Tim is Manager of the Detail Department at Albany Ford, where he’s worked for 18 years – a graduate of Berkeley High. His wife Sarah works with pregnant teens at Brighter Beginning in Antioch.  She works with teen support groups, nurturing parenting to support children.
They have two sons: Gabriel and Elijah. The family enjoys trips to Disneyland, dinners out, video games and sports.

Photo and text by Barbara Fluhrer.

Janet Jackson’s STRIPture

Court Strips FCC’s Power to Fine CBS Super Bowl Striptease

Janet.jpgOn Monday, a Philadelphia court stripped the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ability to regulate inappropriate nudity on television. The U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the FCC in the case of the Janet Jackson “striptease” during the 2004 Super Bowl game. The court claims that this action was not “pervasive as to amount to ‘shock treatment’ for the audience”.
“It is utterly incomprehensible that a court would decide that exposing Janet Jackson live on network television to 90 million viewers worldwide was not offensive.  The court claims this notorious act was not ‘pervasive as to amount to “shock treatment” for the audience’ but the wardrobe malfunction was clearly intended to shock the worldwide audience. It incited unprecedented outrage and immediate phone calls and emails from viewers to the FCC” said Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA). Read more

S.F. Brown Bombers Recruiting New Coaches

Registration also open for children 7 to 15 years old

By Wade Woods

football.jpgSan Francisco’s Championship Pop Warner Football team is  looking for dedicated, dedicated, motivated and caring people to serve as volunteer football and spirit coaches for youth in San Francisco between the ages of 7 to 15 years old.  Prior coaching experience in football, cheer or dance is preferred, but the Bombers will provide quality training to the right candidate.  The Brown Bombers say this is a great opportunity to inspire, motivate and educate youth about nutrition, benefits of physical activity, and ability to work as a team.
The cost to participate is $160 per child. There is a 100% rebate program. Interested applicants should call (415) 820-1516 or visit the Bombers office at 5191 Third Street, Suite 2, San Francisco Ca. 94188. Monday – Friday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Danny Glover Lunches New Business Venture

Tahitian Health Drink Said to Help Immune System and Absorb Nutrients

By Wade Woods

DannyGlovermug.jpgLast Saturday at Rasselas Jazz Club on Fillmore Street,  Actor Danny Glover unveiled his new business venture.  Tahitian NONI,  A  tropical fruit that grows year-round in the Pacific Islands.  Glover say that Islanders have used NONI for thousands of years for its healthy benefits.
Glover’s  business venture is part of Tahitian NONI International, a multi level marketing firm out of Orem, Utah.  Glover says that he got involved after being introduced to the product by friends  and saw  that the juice gave him more energy and allowed him to keep up with his hectic schedule.  After using  NONI for 2 years  Glover  says  he went to a NONI company convention in Southern California .  At the Convention he says that he met people from all over the world that were not only using NONI and giving praise to the health benefits they received but also testifying to the great business opportunity that the company offered. Read more

Belle Lee Celebrates 105th Birthday

By Post Staff

BelleLeemug.jpgDuring the week of Juneteenth observances, a holiday that celebrates Texas for being the last state to officially be notified that slavery had ended, Belle Lee, a Texan and a daughter of a former slave, wanted everyone to be the first to hear that she had reached her 105th birthday.
Lee was born Belle Garland, in Paris, Texas June 24, 1903, to James Garland and Evelyn Morgan Garland.
During her birthday bash she was surrounded by friends, family and caretakers at the Fruitvale Health care Center as well-wishers marveled at her longevity. Read more

"A World that Stands as One"

Here is the video and full transcript of Barack Obama’s speech in Germany on Thursday, July 24.


Berlin, Germany-
Thank you to the citizens of Berlin and to the people of Germany. Let me thank Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Steinmeier for welcoming me earlier today. Thank you Mayor Wowereit, the Berlin Senate, the police, and most of all thank you for this welcome.

I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before. Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen – a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world.

I know that I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city. The journey that led me here is improbable. My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya. His father – my grandfather – was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. Read more

Obama Strongest With Powell as VP

As the Presidential candidates ponder potential running mates, a new Zogby International telephone poll shows many voters would be more inclined to vote for Democratic Sen. Barack Obama if he were to select retired four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell as his running-mate.
If Obama were to choose Powell, 42% of likely voters nationwide said it would make them more likely to support the Democratic candidate – as did 42% of Democrats and 43% of political independents.
The Zogby International telephone poll of 1,039 likely voters nationwide was conducted July 9-13, 2008, and asked respondents how the selection of certain vice presidential candidates would affect their likelihood to vote for the two leading presidential candidates. It carries a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.

Seniors Poetry Workshop

A Poetry Writing Workshop for Seniors will be held 10:00am till 4:00pm Monday August 4,at the Downtown Oakland Senior Center, 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland.
On Friday, August 8 at 1:00pm, the senior writers will share their works in a reading.
For information call (510) 238-3284.

Want to Lower The Drop-Out Rate?

Consider teaching, advocating or agitating

By Post StaffIt’s official. One out of four high school students in California drop out of school without a diploma. After years of disputing this estimate, the state has developed a method of tracking individual high school students which paints a clearer picture of the problem. State Superintendent of Instruction, Jack O’Connell announced the report in Van Nuys last week and noted that the numbers for Black and Latino students are much worse with 41% of Black students and 30% of Latino students leaving school without a diploma.
The good news is that Oakland is already working on the problem. The most important thing school systems can do, according to the Mayor’s education director, Kitty Kelly Epstein, is to ensure that youngsters have permanent, diverse, and effective teachers who communicate with parents and keep track of what is happening with young people when they begin to cut school or have trouble in classes. A workshop at City Hall on July 28 from 5-7 will help diverse, Oakland-based individuals with a Bachelors degree help to lower the drop-out rate by becoming teachers. Contact Jeff Dillon at Read more

Grand Avenue Merchants Host Block Party To Thank Shoppers

The Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA) is sponsoring the Third Annual Grand Avenue Block Party, on National Night Out, Tuesday, August 5, 2008 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Merchants plan to thank residents with such offers as free YouTube videotaping, free dance lessons and free food.  Live music will be performed on the Avenue, and GABA will be grilling hot dogs and corn — all at no charge during the Block Party.
For more information call Nicholas Eveleigh GABA President at 510-421-1020 or Stu Sweetow Secretary at 510-839-2020.

Sprouting Breasts & Wings

The Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods

By Lexie Ross

You’ve heard about “Frankenfoods,” the gene manipulated foods and seeds created by Monsanto whose mission it is to extend shelf life and create crops resistant to pests and diseases.  These “Frankenfoods” we’re now consuming are injected with diabolical genes from bacteria, viruses, insects and other species. You know the ones I’m talking about, they last for months in your refrigerator, taste like styrofoam and never change.
These God playing agri-geniuses have disregarded the role that bees and butterflies play in pollination and are causing their extinction – among other frightening situations.  Foods with modified genes are spreading to other crops and some species are becoming extinct in a single season.  Gene manipulation could eventually destroy all natural growth.
Monsanto’s bioengineered “terminator seeds” only produce one season – literally preventing farmers from gathering seeds from mature crops to plant the following season, making them totally dependent upon agri-business corporations who control the farming industry – and the marketplace. This is also limiting reliable food supplies to developing countries.
The long-term result of injecting genes of insect and animals into our gene pool remains to be seen.  It’s bad enough that there are 80 different hormones and antibiotics in the beef and dairy that we consume.  How many of us are aware that antibiotics are sprayed inside of all canned foods?
Added hormones are causing the increase in breast and prostate cancer. Every time we altar our makeup, there’s a price to pay and the consequences are undetermined.  We have become experimental victims of the multinationals.
If RbGH and other hormones are making cows highly agitated and fattening them quickly for market, couldn’t that be contributing to the obesity in America?  Boys are now developing breasts, couldn’t these hormones be contributing to the sudden outbreaks of unwarranted violence in children?
These are questions we need to start asking the FDA and other regulatory agencies that are allowing agribusiness to gamble with our lives.  Who knows, with firefly genes being spliced into tomatoes, our grandchildren may sprout gossamer wings.
Since RgBH induced Mad Cow disease was discovered in the brains of English farmers, the European market won’t risk gene or hormone altered foods for the sake of profits.  Due to corporations like Monsanto who impose legal pressure; the media has been reluctant to aggressively address this controversial issue.
However, the Washington Post reported that Japan’s two biggest breweries and a major Mexican corn tortilla company stopped using U.S. corn in their products.  Even IAMS, pet food company refuses to buy genetically modified corn for their products.   Farmer’s who believed the hype of GM crops yielding higher production and profits, found the opposite.  Food doesn’t taste as good, soil is further depleted and their crops are being rejected in favor of organically grown foods.
Not to be discouraged from their anti-nature lunacy, Monsanto’s spokesperson Lori Fisher released a statement saying they expect to -  “expand their sales of genetically modified products.”
Wait until her son weighs 200 pounds and grows breasts and wings.