AC Transit’s EasyPass For College Students

By Reginald James

actransit.jpgStudents of the Peralta Colleges were joined by Assembly Member Sandre Swanson (D-Oakland) as well as Peralta and AC Transit officials to celebrate the passage of AB 1980, the Peralta Transportation Accessibility Act July 24 at Laney College. The bill was signed into law by governor Schwarzenegger Friday.
AB 1980 will allow students in the Peralta Colleges to vote on a fee to discount bus passes, either for the entire student body or for students who take a specified number of units.
The launch of the EasyPass for Peralta, a one-year pilot program funded by Peralta, will allow full-time students to receive a significant discount on bus passes.  Instead of the $70 students currently pay for 31-day ride passes, or the $80 per month proposed by AC Transit earlier this spring, full-time students with 12 units or more will pay $50 each semester, saving students over $500 every year.
Reginald James is Editor-in-Chief of the Laney Tower newspaper of Laney College. He also served two years as a Student Trustee for the Peralta Community College District.