Bailey Killed a Year Ago

Baileycollage.jpgBy Post Staff

Oakland  Post  Editor Chauncey W. Bailey was gunned down in downtown Oakland on the morning of August 2, 2007. Since then more than 150 have died of gunfire in this city.
Bailey, 57, was killed at the pinnacle of his long and distinguished journalistic career. He has received numerous posthumous recognitions for his courageous investigations into political and community issues.
The issues of transparency in government that he covered so thoroughly still remain.
Most of the Bay Area media joined forces, named the Chauncey Bailey Project, to complete his unfinished body of work.
On August 2 several individuals and organizations will visit the site where he was slain.
A special section honoring Bailey’s contribution will appear in next week’s edition of the Post and El Mundo.  For information call 510-287-8200 or visit