Danny Glover Lunches New Business Venture

Tahitian Health Drink Said to Help Immune System and Absorb Nutrients

By Wade Woods

DannyGlovermug.jpgLast Saturday at Rasselas Jazz Club on Fillmore Street,  Actor Danny Glover unveiled his new business venture.  Tahitian NONI,  A  tropical fruit that grows year-round in the Pacific Islands.  Glover say that Islanders have used NONI for thousands of years for its healthy benefits.
Glover’s  business venture is part of Tahitian NONI International, a multi level marketing firm out of Orem, Utah.  Glover says that he got involved after being introduced to the product by friends  and saw  that the juice gave him more energy and allowed him to keep up with his hectic schedule.  After using  NONI for 2 years  Glover  says  he went to a NONI company convention in Southern California .  At the Convention he says that he met people from all over the world that were not only using NONI and giving praise to the health benefits they received but also testifying to the great business opportunity that the company offered.
CarolTatum.jpgGlover says that after careful research into the company he decided to, for the first time in his career,  lend his name to the promotion of a health product.  He then called his long time close friends and associates and offered them a chance to get in on the bottom floor of this business opportunity.  The actor will be launching a national promotional tour and television/radio ad campaign in the next  few months to promote NONI in the United States. Although well known in Asia the product is only now becoming known to Americans.
Some at the meeting testified to the benefits that they received by using the juice.  Carol Tatum, a well known resident and community leader in the Bay View area said that she had been suffering from Lupus and after a short time drinking NONI she could witness the benefits of the juice.
Though NONI as widely used and cherished in French Polynesia,  Its secrets remained unknown to the  rest of the world for thousands of years.  Then in the twentieth century ethobatanist interested in the methods of native healers began to study the fruit.   The US military, during World War II, studied the usability and benefits of the plant and included it in the military field handbook for survival.
Danny Glover’s Team Leader in San Francisco for his NONI business venture is Ave Montague,  Director of the San Francisco Black Film Festival.  For more information on how to get involved in the business or find out more about  NONI juice and its health benefits contact Ave Montague at P.O. box 15490, San Francisco, Calif. 94115