Sprouting Breasts & Wings

The Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods

By Lexie Ross

You’ve heard about “Frankenfoods,” the gene manipulated foods and seeds created by Monsanto whose mission it is to extend shelf life and create crops resistant to pests and diseases.  These “Frankenfoods” we’re now consuming are injected with diabolical genes from bacteria, viruses, insects and other species. You know the ones I’m talking about, they last for months in your refrigerator, taste like styrofoam and never change.
These God playing agri-geniuses have disregarded the role that bees and butterflies play in pollination and are causing their extinction – among other frightening situations.  Foods with modified genes are spreading to other crops and some species are becoming extinct in a single season.  Gene manipulation could eventually destroy all natural growth.
Monsanto’s bioengineered “terminator seeds” only produce one season – literally preventing farmers from gathering seeds from mature crops to plant the following season, making them totally dependent upon agri-business corporations who control the farming industry – and the marketplace. This is also limiting reliable food supplies to developing countries.
The long-term result of injecting genes of insect and animals into our gene pool remains to be seen.  It’s bad enough that there are 80 different hormones and antibiotics in the beef and dairy that we consume.  How many of us are aware that antibiotics are sprayed inside of all canned foods?
Added hormones are causing the increase in breast and prostate cancer. Every time we altar our makeup, there’s a price to pay and the consequences are undetermined.  We have become experimental victims of the multinationals.
If RbGH and other hormones are making cows highly agitated and fattening them quickly for market, couldn’t that be contributing to the obesity in America?  Boys are now developing breasts, couldn’t these hormones be contributing to the sudden outbreaks of unwarranted violence in children?
These are questions we need to start asking the FDA and other regulatory agencies that are allowing agribusiness to gamble with our lives.  Who knows, with firefly genes being spliced into tomatoes, our grandchildren may sprout gossamer wings.
Since RgBH induced Mad Cow disease was discovered in the brains of English farmers, the European market won’t risk gene or hormone altered foods for the sake of profits.  Due to corporations like Monsanto who impose legal pressure; the media has been reluctant to aggressively address this controversial issue.
However, the Washington Post reported that Japan’s two biggest breweries and a major Mexican corn tortilla company stopped using U.S. corn in their products.  Even IAMS, pet food company refuses to buy genetically modified corn for their products.   Farmer’s who believed the hype of GM crops yielding higher production and profits, found the opposite.  Food doesn’t taste as good, soil is further depleted and their crops are being rejected in favor of organically grown foods.
Not to be discouraged from their anti-nature lunacy, Monsanto’s spokesperson Lori Fisher released a statement saying they expect to -  “expand their sales of genetically modified products.”
Wait until her son weighs 200 pounds and grows breasts and wings.