Ukrainians Are Coming to Bay Area

Leaders to develop partnerships and exchange ideas on government transparency and the democratic process

A delegation of ten prominent government and NGO leaders from Ukraine will be in the Bay Area to develop partnerships and exchange ideas on government transparency and the democratic process from July 26th to August 3rd, 2008. The delegation is sponsored by the Open World Program of the U.S. Congress and coordinated by the Berkeley-based Center for Safe Energy, a project of the Earth Island Institute.

Ukrainian delegation from U.S. Congress’s Open World Leadership program meet with Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and local host organization, Berkeley’s Center for Safe Energy’s Co-Directors, Francis Macy and Enid Schreibman, and Program Officers Melissa Prager and Aline Prentice.

The delegates being their week by meeting Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, who will expose them to Berkeley’s innovative city programs and local government accountability to citizens. The delegation will also meet with Berkeley’s Sustainable Business Coordinator, Jennifer Cogley, about Berkeley’s pioneering green certification programs as well as Energy & Sustainable Development Officer Neal de Snoo, who will give a tour of energy efficiency measures in municipal buildings. During their stay in the Bay Area, delegates will have meetings with Berkeley City Council member Gordon Wozniak and Anne Taylor, District Director of U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office.
The delegates include local and regional government elected officials from throughout Ukraine, including Maksym Levchuk, member of the Poltava regional legislature; Stepan Barna, Ternopil Regional Council member, and Konstyantyn Pidhornyy of the Kharkiv City Council.
The delegation is hosted by the Center for Safe Energy of Berkeley and sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center, an independent legislative branch entity headquartered at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The Open World Program is the first and only exchange program in the U.S. legislative branch. It enables emerging leaders from Russia and other Eurasian countries to experience American democracy and civil society in action. Participants get an inside look at American local government and develop ties with legislators here.
Open World has introduced more than 13,000 current and future decision makers from Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union to American political and civic life, and to their American counterparts. In addition to Ukraine, Open World also operates dynamic programs in Russia and has expanded to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Tajikistan.
The Center for Safe Energy (CSE) works on strengthening civic and environmental movements in the former Soviet Union. It supports the growth of grassroots, independent NGOs and responsible government by linking individuals with like-minded counterparts in the US and other countries.
For more information, please contact Melissa Prager or Aline Prentice at CSE at (510) 883-1177. For more information on the Open World program, please contact Maura Shelden at (202) 707-8943 or visit