$50,000 Reward Offered “Restaurant Robberies Are Unacceptable”

dellumscops.jpgFrom left to right – Deputy Chief Jeffrey Israel, Mayor Ronald Dellums, Jeffrey Thomason, and Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

Oakland Mayor Ronald Dellums issued the following statement on weekend takeover robberies in Oakland:
“The fact that the city of Oakland has had to endure yet another spate of restaurant robberies are unacceptable. The safety of Oakland residents is paramount. The residents of Oakland deserve better than to be victimized by the acts of individuals who tear at the heart of our communities.
“I am working closely with the Oakland Police Department and they are working extremely hard to bring these people to justice. We’ve increased deployment of patrol officers in strategic areas, we have garnered the assistance of the Guardian Angels, and are working out the details on a partnership for private security in our business corridors. Our public safety director will continue to reach out to businesses and merchant associations to discuss additional services that we may provide.
“We will not allow ourselves to live in fear. I commend our many community organizations which organized in defiance of such crime and violence. Oakland’s communities must stand together and remain committed to the idea that we can overcome this and that peace and security can be achieved. I am confident that our comprehensive public safety strategy, which incorporates prevention, intervention, enforcement and sustainability, will allow us to reach our goal. In addition, we must hold true to our plan of obtaining a fully staffed police force, providing more and better jobs for our residents, and bringing in more local, state and federal resources to bolster our efforts.
“It is clear that people know the individuals who are committing these acts. So I encourage everyone with knowledge about these crimes to please come forward before it is your son, daughter, mother or loved one who is victimized.
“I strongly encourage anyone who may have information about these crimes to please contact the Oakland Police Department.”
Under our CrimeStoppers program, the city is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the one or more persons involved in these robberies.