Balinese Mask Maker’s Featured in Dancing Poetry Festival

dancingpoetry.jpgTuju Taksu Masked Dance Theatre will performs at the Dancing Poetry Festival on September 27 at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

By Natica Angilly
Part 4

The fifteenth annual Dancing-Poetry Festival on September 27th at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, is from noon to 4PM. This year’s program includes 18 diverse international groups selected during a broad search for contrasting & distinctive talents. The three Grand Prize winners will be premiered on the Florence Gould Theater stage . Of the many candidates, forty other prize winning poems will also be honored.
One of the international performance groups to be featured is Tuju Taksu, a performance troupe using masks by a Master Balinese mask maker, Ida Bagus Oka.
Tuju Taksu means aiming for certain spiritual inspiration or goal. Their new works are hypnotic as well as profound & the characterizations weave their mystery throughout the narrative. With choreography by Maru Matthaei and direction by her husband Bill Witter we have seen surprising interpretations of personas & motivations. The poetic themes are infused & transformed by the dancers’ power & restraint in their use of drama & space. Each dancer embodies a physical monologue demanded by the character, yet provides the viewer with an appreciation of individuality in nuance & delivery. Poetry inherently permits multi-tiered interpretations, offering the dancers choices as they conform themselves to a specific artistic mask design and the impetus of the tale.
The Dancing Poetry Festival strives to present new or shared cultural ideals and thought from as many diverse cultures as can be presented in the time frame of each festival and has presented many short but sometimes profound, sometimes humorous and sometimes simply beautiful presentations. The collaborations and combinations of the art forms bring a visual form to each unique “dancing poetry’ entry.
Performer selections made each year intend to showcase new artists and developing community organizations as well as renowned and seasoned international talents. This year performers include: Artist Embassy’s resident company – The Natica Angilly Poetic Dance Theater Company with poet Richard Angilly; Fatima Al Wahid of Fatima’s Cultural Dance Center; Ma Shuka Mira Murjan in solo performance accompanied by a poetry montage; Paradise with Hip Hop and Saxophone; Shukriya DeVine and the Dancers of the Pharaohs from the Rakkasah Festivals; American Indian Dance with Cherokee Poetry of Red Wing Giving; The Redwood Empire Chinese Association Lion Dancers with poetry by Judy Hardin Cheung; and Aneena with poetry by Alameda’s Poet Laureate, Mary Rudge.
The festival is created by Artists Embassy International in order to continue its over fifty years of dedication to “understanding and good will through the universal language of the arts.”
For information and affordable tickets to this unique event see or call 510-235-0361.