Obama’s Electric Moment in Denver

situation.jpgFrom left to right: Post Publisher Paul Cobb, Kevin Jefferson, Conway Jones and Gay Plair Cobb in “the Post Situation Room” at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver. Photo by Ace Washington.

By Paul Cobb
Special from Denver, Co

The Post News Group converted the Denver Sheraton Hotel’s main lobby into its “situation room” during the Democratic national Convention. Many impromptu interviews and photo-ops were available. Senators, Governors, Mayors, Congresspersons, other electeds and many of the selecteds, along with “other ordinary greats” were “Posterized.” From the Post’s perch we were able to see the passersby; from Willie Brown to Rev. Amos Brown, from Jesse Jackson Sr. to Jesse Jackson, Jr., from Ray Taliaferro to Wade Woods from Desley Brooks to Dezie Woods Jones, from Alice Huffman to Chris Jackson, from Tom Hayden to Charles Rangel, from Barbara Lee to Bill Clinton from Delores Huerta to Gloria Allred, from Vernon Jordan to Percy Pinkney, from David Chai to Gay Plair Cobb, from Jean Quan to Alicia Wang, from Angela Glover Blackwell to Danny Glover and many more volunteers and political aficionados were interviewed, photographed and given bottles of H2Obama water to quench their thirsts for “Change”.
obamasurf.jpg Everyone was moving about waiting for the moment that Barack Obama had prophesied about when he repeatedly says “Our Time Has Come.”
Our time finally arrived during the roll call vote on the floor of the convention at 4:45pm Mountain Time.
Hillary Rodham Clinton called for party unity by moving Barack Obama’s name to be voted on by acclamation of the delegates. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for the vote and said “it’s now Obama’s time to accept.”
In a chance meeting of sheer serendipity, at a glance, Conway Jones, the H2Obama creator, met Peaco Todd at the Post Sheraton headquarters.
peacotodd.jpg Todd, a cartoonist/writer-college professor at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass and an adjunct professor at Vermont College, who unbelievably was on assignment to interview Ralph Nader for the Conway Daily Sun Newspaper in Conway, New Hampshire, agreed to produce a cartoon of Barack and Michelle Obama surfing the Colorado Rockies, for the Post News Group.
She said she wanted to present it to the Obamas at the next Black Caucus function as a work of art. I am putting my gifts to the service of getting him elected. The role of the cartoonist is to reduce a complex subject to simple truth” Jones said.
The Post took its laptops and cameras back to the floor to hear Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.
Barack Obama closed out the Wednesday night convention meeting by making a surprise appearance after Joe Biden’s speech.