Swanson Chooses Budget over Convention

SandreSwanson.jpgAssemblymember Swanson (D-Alameda), announced on Friday that he will forgo a trip to the Democratic National Convention, scheduled to run from August 25-28, in order to continue work on the State’s budget crisis. Like many other legislators, he is a delegate to the convention.”In good conscience, I just cannot go there.  Our current budget crisis is preventing students from attending California State Universities, we are laying off state workers, and teachers continue to receive pink slip notices. In fact California’s unemployment rate has reached 7.3%.  I will be spending every day of next week urging my colleagues to finish the budget, and to complete the remaining legislative work we have before us, ” remarked Assemblymember Swanson, who chairs the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee.  He is also a member of the Budget Committee.

Swanson noted that if a budget were agreed upon before then, he would attend the convention.  He described that possibility as, “highly unlikely, given the positions of the majority and minority parties, and the immense budget deficit we face.”