Biblical Poetry and Praise Dance at the Dancing Poetry Festival

By Natica Angilly

Poetrypraise.jpgYoung people of the First Step Ministries will present Biblical poetry and praise dance at the Dancing Poetry Festival in San Francisco, on Saturday September 27, at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in the Florence Gould Theater.  Beginning at noon and continuing until 4, the festival presents eighteen diverse performance groups who have dedicated new works to the concept of poetry and dance working together in exciting  presentations.
The First Step synchronized team, directed by Rev. Rickey Rich’ard-Walker, brings children of different cultures together as a faith based community with performance outreach.  Praise dance, modern ballet, ethnic, masked and poetic dances are all energized by well known and emerging performance groups.  Poetry favorites and new works of poetry will premier in colorful pageantry.   The fifteenth annual festival is created by Artists Embassy International, a non profit outreach organization dedicated to cultural understanding for over 50 years, and Natica Angilly’s Poetic Dance Theater Company with poet Richard Angilly and dancers, dedicated for over 30 years solely to poetry and dance as a unified art form.    
International poetry and modern new poetic works motivate the variety of  performances The  entire program of all the international, national and local performance groups is listed at  This broad  sampler of different ways to express poetry in motion may be a key in learning appreciation of  feelings so well exhibited  in poetic works.  The pursuit of poetic  thoughts, great and small is transformed into visual and active movement to make a well directed  practice for positive creation.   The ability to contribute to life’s ceremonies and celebrations may also be fulfilling, fun and of benefit to our world communities.  What the world may be dancing about and  thinking about is performed poetically at this 2008 festival.
Please see or call Artists Embassy International at 510-235-0361 or 415-681-0618 for tickets and information.