Dr. James Calloway In Running For Board Of Education Seat

By Wade Woods

JamesCallowayMug.jpgAs the November election approaches voters are starting to focus on the Board of Education race.  Headlines after headlines tell horrific stories about the state of the nation, state and local schools, including budget shortfalls. Dr. James Calloway comes to the race with specifics to battles the city’s school face and a long resume of accomplishment in the field of education.
Dr. Calloway says that among the programs he wants for the students of the city’s school system is a “specified and individualized excellent educational program for all students, and provide the students with a well-rounded education including both basic skills and enrichment programs and providing the necessary support system.”  Calloway also believes the San Francisco Public School system needs excellent educational leaders, teachers and classified staffs at every school sity with excellent pay for credential and classified staff members.  Parent and student empowerment are another goal of Calloway’s along with short and long range planning for San Francisco Unified School District financial stability by lobbying local, state and federal government for more funding. 
Dr. Calloway states “the key is to develop strategies to deal with the achievement gap of African American, Hispanic, Samoan, Bilingual, Special Education and other failing students.”
Dr. Calloway attended San Francisco Public Schools and graduated from Galileo High School, received a Doctor of Education, Master of Education Administration, Education Administration Credential and a California Community College Instructor Credential.
Dr. Calloway was employed by the San Francisco School District for 22 years. His assignments included Teacher’s Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Site Substitute Teacher, Teacher, Counselor, Head Counselor, Assistant Principal, and Principal.