Post News Group case goes to court

By Post Staff

The trial of The Post News Group vs. the city of San Francisco began last week after almost 4 years of debate and preparation.

The case involves the dumping of large cans of unused newspaper ink into the San Francisco Bay Area, before current Post publisher Paul Cobb, purchased the newspaper chain at the end of 2004.  While previous owners were found to be at fault in the case, charges were not filed until Cobb, who had no knowledge of the allegations, puchased the paper.

During interviews with local media, Cobb and members of his legal team have wondered why San Francisco District Attorney waited until he took over ownership to pursue legal matters, citing possible conflicts of interest between Harris and the family of former Post News Group owner Velda Berkley.  “There appears to be a conflict of interest in the case between Velda Berkley and the district attorney’s mother,” Cobb’s former attorney, Clinton Killian, said during an inteview with San Francisco Weekly.

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 Image by Justin Page for the East Bay Express