Santa Fe Elementary School Holds Elaborate Open House

By Post Staff

Santafe.jpgFlags waved in front of Santa Fe last week and children and parents from the neighborhood filled the auditorium to capacity, overflowing into the hallway. A program was held in the auditorium including entertainment: a student presentation of “Shine” and introduction of teachers, staff and programs by school principal Carol Johnson.
Johnson reported that the Academic Performance Index at Santa Fe (API) is 690, 26 points growth, with a goal of 750.  Attendance is 91% – goal is 98%.  She reported that 36% of students are proficient in Math on the CST and 28% are proficient in Reading and Language Arts on the CST.  Mrs. Vonncile Harris, PTC President spoke as a parent to parents, “What’s parent participation got to do with it?”
Following the program, students and teachers went to their respective classrooms and gave individual presentations to parents and students, clarifying standards and class procedures.
The Post  visited the second/third grade class of Roberta Delores Parker where she introduced parents, discussing expectations and rules, as well as consequences for not following the rules, such as verbal warning, name on board, mini-conference, and fourth or final warning: removal from class and phone call to home.
Parker stressed the need for children to feel loved, celebrated and appreciated as opposed to an environment where they are intimidated, afraid, and experience stifled creativity.  She gave suggestions for support materials at home.  Parker explained that children should be on the yard, in line, by 8:27, or, if eating breakfast at school, they should arrive by 8:05 a.m… She gave parents a phone number and e-mail address and stressed, “Feel free to call or email me at anytime. Children sat at their desks and work was prominently displayed.
A spaghetti dinner and Raffle Drawing completed an evening which will long be remembered by students and parents.  The level of excitement and enthusiasm as neighbors, teachers, and friends gathered around the children, in support, was a significant reminder of the hope in our community. Bravo, Santa Fe!