Dellums Hosts Mayors’ Summit in Oakland

By Post Staff

Mayor Ron Dellums hosted the 2008 Mayors’ Technology Summit in Oakland this week, providing an opportunity for mayors and officials of cities across the country to seek ways to work together to save city services in the face of economic conditions that are forcing deep and painful budget cuts.
“The Mayor’s Technology Summit: Solutions for Safe Communities and Economic Sustainability,” held Wednesday through Friday at the Claremeont Resort and Spa, was hosted jointly by Mayor Dellums and the Center for Competitive Government at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management.
“This technology summit is about leadership, because there has never been a more important time for the mayors of America to work together to save the services we can provide our communities, to save our budgets and to save the quality of life for our residents,” he said.
“Our national economy is in serious difficulty. What happens in Washington trickles down to the cities of America and strikes a severe blow to the services we can provide,” he said
After considering the $700 billion bailout, the cost of ongoing wars and a $10 trillion deficit, when both presidential candidates say they will not raise taxes, the question one must ask, said Dellums, is “ Where is the money going to come from? It will be in the form of budget cuts at the local level, specifically programs for the vulnerable and programs for people who represent constituencies that are viewed as powerless.”
. “At this moment, I am not optimistic that the immediate budget help will be there for cities like Oakland.”