Post News Group Endorsements

President/Vice President
Barack Obama
Joseph Biden

EBMUD Director
William Patterson

Peralta College Board
Marlon McWilson

Oakland City Council
Rebecca Kaplan

BART Board
Lynette Sweet

Alameda County Judge
Phil Daly

State Assembly
Sandre Swanson

State Senate
Loni Hancock

US Congress
Barbara Lee

San Francisco Post Recommendations

U.S. Congress: District 8: Nancy Pelosi
U.S. Congress: District 12: Jackie Speir
State Senate: District 3: Mark Leno
State Senate: District 12: Fiona Ma
State assembly: District 13: Tom Amminano

San Francisco Board of Supervisors
District 1: Alicia Wang
District 3: Joseph Alioto, Jr
District 4: Carmen Chu
District 5: Ross Mirkarimi
District 7: Sean Ellsbernd
District 9: Eva Royale
District 11: Randy Knox

San Francisco Board of Education
Dr. James Calloway

San Francisco Community College Board
Chris Jackson
Milton Marks
Rodel Rodis
Mary Hernandez

Superior Court Judge, Seat 12
Gerardo C. Sandoval

San Francisco City Propositions
Proposition A , General Hospital Bond: YES
Proposition D, Pier 70 Development Plan: YES
Proposition E, Signatures required to recall city officials: NO
Proposition F, All City Elections in Even numbered years: NO
Proposition G, Retirement system credit for unpaid parental leave: YES
Proposition H, San Francisco clean Energy Act: NO
Proposition I, Independent ratepayer advocate: YES
Proposition J, Historic Preservation Commission: YES
Proposition k, Decriminalize sex work: YES
Proposition L, Fund Community Justice Center: YES
Proposition M, Tenants Rights: YES
Proposition N, Real Estate Transfer Tax: Yes
Proposition O, Emergency response fee: Yes
Proposition P, Transportation Authority Changes: YES
Proposition Q, Payroll tax modification: YES
Proposition R, Rename Sewage Plant George W. Bush: NO
Proposition S, Budget Set asides policy: NO
Proposition T, Substance Abuse on Demand :YES
Proposition U, Defund war in Iraq: YES
Proposition V, Keep JROTC in schools: YES

California State Propositions
Prop. 1A, High Speed Passenger Train: Yes
Prop. 2, Farm Animal protection: YES
Prop. 3, Children’s Hospital Bonds: NO
Prop. 4, Parental notification for abortion: YES
Prop. 5, Drug Treatment: YES
Prop. 6, Locking up youth: NO, NO, NO
Prop. 7, Renewable energy Generation: NO
Prop. 8, Same sex marriage ban: NO
Prop. 9, Restrictions on Parole: NO
Prop. 10, Alternative fuel vehicles: NO
Prop. 11, Redistricting commission: NO
Prop. 12, Veterans bond act: YES