Principled Academy Celebrates International Peace Day

By 8th Graders Kristin Art and Rebecca Zinke

Children’s imaginations came to life during the annual International Peace Day celebration at the Principled Academy, a nondenominational religious school in San Leandro.
Kicking off the celebration was a heart-touching prayer for peace by Dr. Mose Durst, a founder of the school. Uniquely decorated river rocks, a huge “globe” drawn on the playground with sidewalk chalk and yoyo balloons filled the school with movement, laughter, and color.
As part of the program, the school sang in harmony to the song “Run, River Run”.  Eighth-graders Michelle Thompson and Kristin Art, the MCs, explained the origins at the United Nations of International Peace Day in 1982 and then led a silent prayer for peace, ending with “Let Peace Prevail on Earth.”
For the week preceding the celebration, students of all ages used their creativity to decorate smooth river rocks, illustrating their visions of peace.  Outdoors, students ringed the giant chalked-in “globe”, as Kristin and Michelle called out the various continents.  Students “planted” their peace rocks on the native continent of their parents.  Amazingly, all the continents were planted with peace rocks except Antarctica.
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