Vote No on Proposition 8

Alicehuffman.jpgBy Alice A. Huffman
President, California NAACP

There comes a time when society’s values and mores are called into question and we must sort out what is important to the well being of humanity. Proposition 8 brings us to just such cross roads where we must cast a vote on November 4, on one side or the other. In arriving at our position we analyzed the issue from several angles and realized that there is no need for Proposition 8.
First we addressed the issue of “Marriage.” As we know, not everyone in our diverse community practice the same brand of religion and not all of us who profess faith in one denomination interpret the bible in the same way. The proponents will have us believe that marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman and they will use biblical quotes to back them up. The truth is, the sacred union of marriage is one performed in the church with believers in the doctrine of that church and practices its faith. Thus, the transference of the license to the sanctity of the church is a Christian choice made post the granting of the marriage license by the government. Secondly, we looked at the rights of gays and lesbians. We remember when government claimed we, as African Americans, were 3/5 of a person. We remember when government denied African American the right to marry. We remember when government denied us the right to interracial marriages. Government denied women and African Americans the right to vote. Government has been wrong many times during our struggles for freedom and until the California Supreme Court ruled that in California gays and lesbians should be permitted to marry, the law was wrong, government was wrong And the courts fixed it so that NO one will be treated differently under the laws of our state.  That is how it should be.  Everyone deserves the same rights as everyone else.
Finally, now same sex couples have the right to marry in California. Many have married and their marriages have caused none of us harm.  Being allowed to legally use the term “marriage” makes available a large number of benefits to them that heterosexual couples have.  We also believe that their right to marriage strengthens them and their families. And finally, we, who believe that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, do unto others as we want done unto us, should feel compelled to stand with them. We must create an environment within the African American community where they can freely live their lives without shame and create a genuine non-judgmental community and a more inclusive loving society.
We must help end the discrimination against gay and lesbian members of our community. The right vote for us all is NO On Proposition 8.