Clinton Foundation and Airline Ambassadors Deliver Aid to Haiti

Based on an innovative partnership, the Clinton Foundation and Airline Ambassadors will deliver 150,000 pounds of aid to Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Eric Klein, an Oprah Big Give favorite, will make a video diary to document the effort. On Nov. 28, the organizational work will begin, and Dec. 2 is set for the delivery date.The hurricane devastated country, which will have more building collapse without support from in-kind sources. Much is done by Open Your Heart 2 Haiti, founded by Constantino Donatien, which has 10 schools with out-patient clinics for 12,000 students.

Oct. 23 was a significant day in Haiti, in which the first water treatment system produced safe, clean water since Port-de-Paix’s discovery in the year of 1662. Implementing additional water systems will create electricity, safely built roads, schools, homes and hospitals, and inhabitants will not have to travel up to 15 miles for unsanitary water.