December Police Academy Postponed

By Post Staff

Mayor Ron Dellums explained his decision to postpone the December Police Academy in a letter to the City Council, saying the city lacks funds to pay for training new recruits.

The academy had been scheduled to start Dec. 8 and will be postponed at least until next spring.

“Given the harsh fiscal realities that we face today — which are more severe than expected even a few months ago — delaying the December police academy is the only responsible decision we can make,” Dellums said in the letter dated Nov. 21.

Dellums said he regretted having to postpone the academy and the potential impact suffered by new recruits. “The decision was made, and notice given, almost a full month prior to the planned start of the Dec. 8 academy. Initial efforts have been made – and will continue – to accommodate those individuals most greatly impacted by the December academy’s postponement.

Dellums’ decision came shortly after his recent announcement that the Oakland Police Department had achieved his goal of filling all its vacancies.

The police academy graduated 38 officers in November, bringing the department’s force to 837 officers, the most in OPD history.
With the postponement of additional police academies, the department is likely to drop below its authorized strength of 803 as police retire or leave in the coming year.