Faces Around the Bay: Rarity Lemons

raritylemmons.jpgRarity Lemons, born in 1988, is a  student at U.C. Davis, majoring in Linguistics and Biology and interested in being an Interpreter in the U.S. Embassy.  She calls San Pablo her home, and Providence Missionary Baptist Church, her church.

What is especially rare about Rarity is her gift.  San Pablo Mayor Paul Morris says, “She has a voice like an angel.”  And there seem to be many others who agree that she is a rising new star in our midst. Among her accomplishments: 6 trophies and a tiara from the Miss California Teen pageant, and more trophies at the national pageant….all for her musicianship.

But the interests go on: at Hercules High in San Pablo, president of the African-American Student Union, Mistress of Ceremonies for the Martin Luther King Day celebration, and an active volunteer for breast cancer organizations. She writes for the school paper at Davis. Her vocal appearances in the Bay Area and beyond are full of promise.

Her Mother and Father, Leerma and Donald Lemons, also have two sons Debonaire and Charles.

Photo and text by Barbara Fluhrer.