Dellums’ First Two Years

 dellumspress.jpgMayor Ron Dellums discusses his first two years with Paul Cobb, Oakland Post, E. Kelly Rayburn, Oakland Tribune, Chris Heredia, San Francisco Chronicle. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

By Post Staff
Part 1

Mayor Ron Dellums met the press last week to discuss the accomplishments and needs of the city during his first two years.

“Now that we have 837 police officers which is more than ever before, we have the foundation to build a strong public safety program,” said Dellums.

He said the public will start experiencing significant reductions in crime because of his reorganization that gives full authority to the Chief to deploy officers where needed.This plan will require more officers to walk the beat as part of a comprehensive crime prevention program.

The program will include a re-entry plan for those returning from prisons, green jobs, churches adopting blocks, clergy street teams and enhanced citizen cooperation with police.

Dellums said he will name a new city administrator at the beginning of 2009
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