Dellums Appointed to U.S. Mayors Working Group on Economy

By Post Staff

Mayor Ron Dellums has been appointed to serve on a special United States Conference of Mayors Working Group on the “Main Street Economic Recovery Plan,” which will look at developing and advocating for a national package to create jobs and rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Dellums is one of 24 mayors who will serve on the working group.

“The negative economic impacts in Washington undoubtedly affect our nation’s urban areas. When the cities of America speak with one voice, with a common goal, our national leaders have no choice other than to take heed,” Dellums said. “I look forward to participating in this working group and further advocating on behalf of Oakland residents. Whether the experts want to acknowledge it or not, we have been in a recession for nearly a year. It is past time to put forth a national economic package that will provide our community with jobs and the necessary resources to move our cities forward.”

The U.S Mayors Conference has focused on using existing funding mechanisms that can get money out quickly, such as the Energy Block Grant and the Surface Transportation Program, as well as making sure that funding comes directly to cities and does not get stuck in state bureaucracies.

“While we have made good progress, we have not received any commitments that our package will be the basis for the massive Economic Recovery Plan that President Obama and Congress (are designing) to create 2.5 million jobs over two years, said Manuel Diaz, USCM president and mayor of Miami in a letter to Dellums.

“We have been told in our meetings in Washington that things are going to move quickly, so we must continue and strengthen our call for a Main Street plan that supports our nation’s metro economies.”