Dellums Expands Bailey Probe

By Post Staff

Mayor Ron Dellums has called for an expanded, in-depth investigation into the Police Department’s handling of the investigation of Chauncey Bailey’s assassination.

Dellums said “I’ve asked the attorney general to engage with us in a parallel investigation going forward. I asked Judge Henry Ramsey to act as a master in that process, he has agreed to that.”

When the Oakland Tribune revealed that Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey could still be alive if the Police had not changed their plans to raid the Your Black Muslim Bakery, it caused a storm of concern from the Mayor, City officials and faith-based leaders.

They have called on Attorney General Jerry Brown to expand his investigation of the Police Department(OPD) Administration.

“Everything should be on the table in this investigation,” said Dellums.

Brown, however is now placed in an awkward position of conflict because when he served as Mayor before Dellums, he promoted and supervised the officers that he now must investigate.

Post publisher Paul Cobb praised Dellums for his move and said he hopes the City, through Ramsey, would also request the assistance of Federal Judge Thelton Henderson. Henderson is presently monitoring Oakland on other Police misconduct issues.

Cobb and the Reporters Without Borders organization have called for a full Federal investigation involving the US Justice Department, the FBI and DEA.

“District Attorney Tom Orloff is handcuffed in his ability to prosecute when some of the police aren’t forthcoming with evidence, or, are not truthful in their statements. And Brown should recuse himself to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest”, said Cobb. “Brown and City Attorney John Russo should also reveal all they know to Dellums to prevent the City’s exposure to liability for the OPD’s actions that
started before Dellums.”

“If Tom Orloff has the right information he will aggressively prosecute the Police. His decision to retry the “Riders” case for Police misconduct, in the face of some Police objections, proved that he does not tolerate corruption of any kind, even if it’s a Black ‘riders-type’ case.”

According to Cobb, Bailey was investigating several stories involving allegations of police misconduct, not Your Black Muslim Bakery.

The Post never published the information even though the suspects and the police continually claim that Bailey’s bankruptcy story was the reason for the killing.

Cobb said Longmire strangely announced that the Bakery was connected to the killing at the Post’s offices but then he later asked Cobb if Bailey was working on any controversial stories that could cause someone to be angry. Cobb said he mentioned 5 stories including the police. “Longmire’s line of questioning seemed to be seeking a reason to fit his conclusion.”

Last week the Tribune quoted officers who were concerned about the risks of a delayed raid on the Bakery. The paper reported that some OPD detectives did not want the raid delayed. The officers “wanted immediate action to prevent additional bloodshed, although they had no indication Bailey had been targeted.”

Cobb said a Federal Investigation is now needed because “Sgt. Longmire told the Post staff and their attorney, just six hours after the killing, and a day before the raid, that the Police did know of plans to kill Bailey.”

Finally, last week, the Oakland Police admitted wrongdoing in the handling of the investigation. And information has surfaced showing the police had tracking devices on autos of Bakery members.

After Reporters Without Borders called for a federal investigation the OPD announced that Longmire and his Supervisor Ersie Joyner were reassigned to patrol duties and taken off the investigation of the Bailey case. Cobb said Deputy Chief Howard Jordan should also remove himself or be removed for making false and misleading statements to 60 Minutes in his efforts to deflect attention away from inquiries
into the OPD’s responsibility for handling the murder case.

Cobb said Longmire told the Post, “The Oakland Police knew that Bailey was stalked, targeted and his killing was connected to Your Black Muslim Bakery.” Cobb said he asked Longmire, since the Police knew Bailey was stalked and targeted by members from the Bakery, then why didn’t OPD warn Bailey or try to protect him from being killed. “It’s an interesting convenient timing for the raid to coincide with the killing. What doesn’t come out in the wash cycle surely will in the rinse,” said Cobb.

Bailey’s brother, Mark Cooley, interviewed Orloff and OPD Chief Wayne Tucker on behalf of the Post. He said they “both seemed genuinely concerned, which I expected, but I also felt they were being guarded in their statements.”

Cooley questioned why Longmire stayed on the investigation after his relationship with Yusuf BeyIV was revealed. “It was an obvious conflict of interest,” he said. “The truth of the matter is Chauncey was investigating some unnamed police officers, and how ironic that evidence, questionable police practices, and numerous other mistakes have happened during the investigation. Sadly police take an oath to protect and serve, and in this investigation I have serious doubts about whether that included Chauncey who happened to be investigating them.”

Cobb said Chauncey’s “Transparency In Government” series focused on the police and Mayor Brown’s destruction of his files before Dellums came to office. “The Bakery connection was never the main story,”said Cobb.