Local Groups Receive $600,000 in Grants

In response to continuing financial turmoil and increased community need, the East Bay Community Foundation and its donors have made more than $9.1 million in grants since the beginning of the current crisis in mid-September, including almost $600,000 to programs in Alameda and Contra Costa counties that focus on advancing economic opportunity for adults and families and ensuring young children are successful in school.

“Now, more than at any time in recent memory, East Bay residents are struggling to make ends meet,” said Nicole Taylor, the Foundation’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“The Foundation’s own grants specifically targeted at providing economic opportunity and ensuring success of young children in the education system that leads to economic opportunity are vitally important priorities,” she said.The almost $600,000 in grants fund more than 30 programs in four geographic areas of special need targeted by the Foundation: Oakland; Richmond; the eastern Contra Costa County cities of Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point and Brentwood; and the southern Alameda County cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City.

Grants include: $16,243 to the Oakland Private Industry Council to provide workforce training for the formerly incarcerated; $40,000 to the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to expand green job opportunities for people with barriers to employment; and $20,000 to Oakland Ready to Learn, which provides learning activities to underserved parts of the community.

Other grants include $20,720 to the Fremont Family Resource Center to meet the pressing needs of low-income families; $25,000 to Rubicon Programs in Richmond to provide living wage jobs for residents of the city; and $15,000 to the Cypress Mandela Training Center in Oakland to support a pre-apprentice training program.

In the next seven months, Taylor said, the Foundation expects to grant another $345,000 toward economic opportunity and the education that ultimately leads to it.