OCCUR Urges Faith Leaders To Fight Poverty, Foreclosures

By Post Staff

occur.jpgDuring the toughest economic times in memory, faith based institutions and their non profit collaborators are being told that the impact of their services and programs must extend far beyond the sermons.

At a conference held by OCCUR and The San Francisco Foundation FAITHS program, every speaker echoed an overwhelming sense of urgency regarding the enormity of the faith based challenge.

Currently faith based institutions control 9 to 11% of the real estate in urban America, and are in the best strategic position to directly confront the critical issues that the economic downturn has produced such as hunger, homelessness, high unemployment, increased emergency healthcare, childcare and after school programs.Sobering presentations were made by experts in their fields, including Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO PolicyLink, Gus Newport, community reinvestment planner and former mayor of Berkeley, James Head, Director of Programs at The San Francisco Foundation and Pastor Raymond Lankford of Healthy Communities.

“We must look around our communities and recommit ourselves to higher and more effective levels of service delivery” said Reverend Lankford; “The faith community is being counted on to step up and serve not step up and just talk” Lankford reiterated.

OCCUR’s series entitled “A Model Built on Faith” will hold monthly sessions through the Spring of 2009 on a variety of topics critical to organizational development and fundraising for faith based organizations and their partners.

For full program schedule information, please contact: OCCUR at (510) 839-2440, fax (510) 268-9065, or email occur@sbcglobal.net.