The Fillmore Center Gives Back

By Post Staff

2008 marked the year that the Fillmore Center re-opened its long anticipated renovated plaza, the focus of the plaza was providing a vibrant gathering place for both Fillmore Center residents and all members of the local community.

During warmer weather periods, the plaza will be used as a venue for public outdoor concerts, outdoor movies and various other community events.  The plaza has already become a favorite gathering place for many and has provided a wonderful Christmas gift to the community.

Paul Hyams, Regional Manager for the Fillmore Center, continues to serve as an active board member for the Fillmore Jazz District Community Benefit District (CBD) which is an organization that serves the people of this neighborhood by promoting the district, and providing for the area cleaning and safety. Recently, Hyams participated in the annual CBD holiday celebration by dressing as Santa Claus for the children and distributing gifts.  Not content at just delivering Santa, the Fillmore Center donated gifts to the event that saw numerous children of the community in attendance.

Another organization that the Fillmore Center gave back to was the African American Art & Cultural Center.  The AAACC is a community based organization whose mission is to nurture the empowerment of the community through Afro-centric cultural expression.

Their donation will help the organization in its mission for the community and its children.

The Fillmore Center, spanning three and one half city blocks in the Western Addition, shall continue its contributions to the rich and cultural neighborhood that it is so much a part of.