A's Win Big on Holiday

Oakland, CA– It’s a beautiful day in Oakland!  The fog that layered the city for the past few days has cleared.  The sun is out, temperature is 59 degrees and 15,580 fans are here to support.  In honor of Memorial Day, the Oakland A’s along with all MLB baseball clubs will wear special “Star & Stripes” caps in support of “Welcome Back Veterans”.  The caps will have an American flag etched into the team’s logo and for the first time, will be red in color.

Before the game, I spoke with a long time fan (Dan Lopez) of the A’s who is excited about today’s game being played on a holiday.  “I’m here with my family and enjoying this beautiful day.”  Dan guarantees a win for the A’s due to their “fair-weathered” style of play.  I asked Dan to explain further and he said, “the A’s play better in warmer weather than on cold, foggy days!”  Hoping there are more “at bats” to go along with this beautiful day, I’m curious to see if Dan is right?

Top of the first inning Kurt Suzuki was called on a strike but it looked as if the pitch was a ball.  A’s manager Bob Geren came out immediately to argue the call, this then led to the ejection of the A’s pitching coach Jim Skaalen.  Not really sure what Skaalen’s position was on this call but it led to the A’s offense exploding in the next two innings.  Things got started with Adam Kennedy stealing third base right after Skaalen’s ejection followed by Jack Cust’s single which led to Kennedy coming in for the lead 1-0.

The A’s then scored three more runs off Jack Hannahan’s single and Kennedy’s double.  Travis Buck hit a home run off a 2-2 pitch during the fourth inning while, the last run scored off a wild pitch in the sixth inning securing the A’s 6-1 lead over the Seattle Mariners.  It looks like A’s fan Dan Lopez called the game correctly, predicting a win with Oakland’s great weather.  The A’s win over the Mariners is the first of a three game series.

I’m not sure if I believe that great weather will bring wins at home for the Oakland A’s?  Though, it is definitely something to ponder when the sun is shinning at the Oakland Coliseum on game day.  Despite the weather, this is a good start as the A’s are home for this series before heading on the road for seven games.

On June 6, 2009 please come out and support American Idol WInner Jordin Sparks who will perform after the Oakland A’s game on Saturday.  This is a free concert to fans who purchased tickets on game day.

Written by: Malaika Bobino