City Receives $96 Million in Housing and Infrastructure Funds

The California Department of Housing and Community Development has awarded over $96 million in funds to housing developments in San Francisco seeking to start construction.
Awards were from two state programs created through the 2006 passage of Proposition 1C, the Transit Oriented Development and Infill Infrastructure Grant programs.
“This funding is a critical piece of San Francisco’s economic stimulus efforts—these developments will get people back to work quickly on projects that will make San Francisco a more environmentally and economically sustainable city,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom. “If not for this state support, these projects would be severely delayed or entirely abandoned.”
The purpose of both programs is to foster the development of environmentally sustainable, higher-density infill housing situated near existing transit, public services and amenities.
Among the successful applicants was Hunters View, the city’s first mixed-income public housing development as part of its HOPE SF initiative to sustainably redevelop and preserve its remaining severely distressed public housing projects.
The state gave Hunters View $30 million, the maximum amount possible.
After receiving only one award from either program in 2008, San Francisco succeeded in securing support for seven projects this year; two transit oriented development projects and five infill infrastructure projects.
“These programs represent a terrific partnership opportunity for the City, State and private developers to both build significant new affordable housing and provide much needed economic stimulus,” said Doug Shoemaker, Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing.
The seven San Francisco developments represent a total of over $600 million of development activity within the City and over 1,200 units of housing. The projects awarded for infill infrastructure are: Hunters View, $30 million; 
333 Harrison, $11.6 million; 
5800 Third Street, $10.4 million; 
2235 Third St., $7.4 million; 
178 Townsend St., $3.6 million.
\The awards for transit oriented development projects are: Tenderloin YMCA, 220 Golden Gate Ave., $17 million; 
1000 Fourth St., $17 million.
The timing of the delivery of these funds depends on the state’s financial situation, but the funds are expected to be available to projects this fall.