City Releases First Annual Housing Report

The city has released of the first Housing Annual Report, designed to offers a clear explanation of housing-related activities funded by the city – from housing the homeless, to assisting first-time home buyers, to rebuilding public housing.
The report describes the city’s efforts to increase affordable housing options and is informative for homeowners and renters.
“As we face challenging economic times, San Francisco strives to provide residents with decent and affordable housing, and to aggressively push housing development as an economic stimulus,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom.
“Home construction plays a vital role in maintaining strong communities since construction of new housing creates valuable jobs and revenue for our City, as well as places to call home for residents of all income levels,” he said.
The report describes the need to create more housing, particularly new affordable housing, in San Francisco as critical to combating the local housing imbalance between housing supply and market demand. During 2008, Mayor Newsom pursued the goal of doubling the pace of housing production by continuing to push forward the reforms of San Francisco’s permitting process that are central to the Home 15/5 Initiative.
Furthermore, the city is working to address a broad range of housing challenges for families and individuals that need affordable housing.
Highlights from 2008 demonstrate that San Francisco has achieved the following; 576 new affordable homes were built, and an additional 973 are currently under construction; developers built a total of 3,340 new housing units (including both affordable and market rate units), a 73 percent increase over the 10-year average in new production; over 9,000 homeless single adults left the streets or shelter system for permanent housing since 2004.
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