Morris Legrande Jazzes Up DMC

By Dion Evans

Religion Editor

Luajuana (left) and Morris LeGrande shared a special Valentine’s Kiss during the LOVE and BASKETBALL CONCERT sponsored by Tinka of KMEL’s World Hit Gospel Show and Floyd Entertainment. .

Tinka, celebrity and modest radio show host of KMEL’s Sunday morning “World Hit Gospel Show” held an event on Valentine’s Day – LOVE AND BASKETBALL.  Tinka, a huge basketball fan, created the perfect event for people who both like sports and cherish Valentine’s Day festivities.  The event featured the comedy of Dennis Gaxiola and the Smooth Jazz of Morris LeGrande, a native of Oakland.
LeGrande shared during the concert how he fell in love with his wife and what his first kiss was like when he knew he was falling in love with her.  “It was electric!  We admitted to one another that we were beginning to fall in love with one another.”  LeGrande gave out complimentary CDs of his latest musical project to those couples who had been successfully married for at least 30 years.  As many as seven couples acknowledged they had been.  One couple, known to Morris LeGrande, acknowledged they’d been married for over 50 years.  The audience cheered and praised God for such an awesome example of commitment.
As the Smooth Jazz filled the air, Morris LeGrande and his band held an entertaining competition  with the audience using the childhood toy – kazoo.  While many did not know how to operate the toy instrument–LeGrande highlighted the abilities of those willing to showcase their skills.
Following the entertaining display, LeGrande stated, “Its time for me to get a little serious for a moment.”  He began to share his undeniable testimony of Jesus Christ.  He stated, “I am not ashamed to say the name Jesus Christ.  Without Jesus Christ I would not be here today.”  Some attendees returning to their seats seemed caught off guard by the testimony.  They‘d departed listening to the sounds of smooth jazz and returned to a period of praise and worship.  LeGrande subsequently sang, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – there’s just something about that name.”
Sharing the stage for the LOVE AND BASKETBALL party was J-Redd local Bay Area comedian and BET’s Comic View comedian– Dennis Gaxiola; born in Berkeley , CA and also featured in Paul Rodriguez’s LATIN ALL-STARS OF COMEDY.  Gaxiola had the audience laughing in their seats as he told comedic stories about his father; a former boxer turned preacher.  He shared, “If my father was preaching too long, we would ring a bell and he would go sit down in the corner.”  Gaxiola, also an unashamed Christian, shared how he once needed tequila while performing on the stage but, “now I just have a little of water.”
Following the Comedy and Concert – a large screen was lowered for attendees to watch the remainder of the NBA All-Star Game.  Tinka announced, “This is the beginning of a new entertaining company I am launching – FLOYD ENTERTAINMENT.”  Tinka will be unveiling more entertainment events in the future.  Stay tuned.