Otheree Christian’s Iron-Clad Commitment to Richmond’s Youth

Iron Triangle Neighborhood leader, seeks more jobs and life-skills training

By Tasion Kwamilele

Otheree Christian

Otheree Christian has always had hopes for Richmond’s youth and he has always wanted to be a change agent.
Since 2004, Christian relocated to Richmond and began working with various community organizations to bring about change.
He says at-risk youth in the Iron Triangle need the strength and support of the whole community to help them achieve and succeed.
“The community is going to have to come together to give our youth an enjoyable environment to overshadow the violence,” said Christian.
This year the Iron Triangle Neighborhood Council will host the 17th Annual Iron Triangle Community Picnic at Nevin Park.  The event will consist of food, games, and entertainment.
Since January 2006, Christian has served as president of the Iron Triangle Neighborhood Council, making it his primary goal to hear and then relate the concerns of community members to the city council.
“I set a platform that focuses for community members to come and express their concerns at the neighborhood council meeting. When the people stress their concerns we can then focus on what change needs to be brought about,” said Christian.
Christian is steadfastly serious about making sure enough resources and attention is given to the youth of the Iron-Triangle neighborhoods. He laments the fact that budgets and government priorities often overlook his community’s basic needs.

Seated are Commuity Housing Development Corporation of North Richmond (CHDCNR) staff surrounded by several of the City of Richmond’s Community Policing Officers and community volunteers. Lloyd

“I have seen less life-skills programs to reach our young people since my time growing up in Richmond. But it is those programs that are able to reach the young men and women of our community and steer them in the right direction,” said Christian.
Otheree Christian is a native of Richmond California and graduated from Kennedy High School with the Class of 85’.
At a young age, Christian knew he wanted to make a change in the Richmond community and has committed his life to being the voice of those residents who are overlooked.
Christian attended Mt Diablo Valley Junior College briefly before relocating to Washington, D.C. to attend Howard University. While attending Howard University, Christian was awarded an internship on Capitol Hill and served under Congressman George Miller. He also worked with D.C.’s inner city youth and with the National Institute of Health.
Christian graduated from Howard University in 1994, with a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice – he minored in Political Science. Christian furthered his education at Southwestern Christian College in Texas, concentrating on Bible Religious Education; he graduated in 1997.
Christian has worked with the Dallas County Juvenile Probation Department in Dallas Texas as a Case Manager. He was able to work with at-risk youth and taught life skills programs while encouraging them to overcome the negative forces that pull them into a life of crime.
However, Christian always longed to return and serve the Iron Traingle Neighborhood.
The neighborhood is comprised of the Richmond BART area, the Richmond parkway and then reaches over to Ohio Ave and some areas of North Richmond
In 2004, Christian relocated to Richmond and began working with various community organizations to bring about change.
Neighborhood Council Meetings are held every third Thursday at Nevin Community Center, 598 Nevin Avenue Richmond, CA 94801.
Christian also serves on the Design Review Board Commission in the City of Richmond, the Richmond Ground Work Commission and the youth advisory board for Richmond’s NAACP.
For more information contact Otheree Christian at 510.860.3389